Cloud-based real-time remote management  

Grant property access on demand. Making changes to residency access, changing key fobs, and adding new users has never been easier.

Integration with third-party systems

IP Door Entry Ltd solutions can integrate with third-party systems. Such as fire alarms & CCTV.

Building compartmentation 

Program access profiles with specific access rights and so, grant access where it should be and restrict where it shouldn't. 

Time zone validity 

Program access profiles based on week types to allow access and displays only during the desired time periods. 

Recognized by the Police Preferred Specification (SBD)

The IPGUARD & EVE196-X3 (access control, door control unit) had to adhere to rigorous test standards to meet the Police Preferred Specification. The principles of SBD have been proven to reduce both the risk of crime and fear of crime. 

Data & events logging

Logged and identifiable access data and events. Location, type, time, date & much more...

Alarm notifications

Program and set alarm scenarios to alert you in real-time to an occurrence of an alarm.

User authorisation levels

Option to program different user authorization levels, transfer accounts and amend who control which sites.

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Worldwide IPGUARD & BATICONNECT Statistics. More installed every day! 

Homes equipped with secure BATICONNECT CLOUD access


Homes equipped with the IPGUARD 4G/GSM


Buildings connected with our IPGUARD


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Portacode Keypad

Manage your properties access with our innovative & simple to use keypads. Program key codes remotely & in real-time, from anywhere!

Varies colourways available. Also available in stainless steel. 

Option to integrate a mushroom proximity reader integral to the keypad.


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External, Anti-Vandal Proximity Readers

Replace old-  fashioned  mechanical keys or low-security fob readers with our vandal-proof, robust and innovative proximity readers. 

Control building access and manage fobs, remotely – with no fuss, from anywhere!

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Internal Proximity Readers 

Our internal proximity reader range is perfect for use indoors & where exposure to the elements is not an issue. Various colour ways avaible.


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EVE196-X3-RS Door Controller Unit 

The smart door control unit, 1 door, 3000 prox capacity, real-time BATICONNECT CLOUD management, anti-clone protection. Can hold and log all information if disconnected from the cloud. EVE can support multiple types of proximity readers & each EVE can connect and network to each other.

SBD - Police Preferred Specification!


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Mushroom Proximity Readers 

Our mushroom prox readers are the perfect solution for lift access control option. 

Alternatively, you can see our mushroom prox readers on our IPKEYSAFES or Portacode Keypads.

LHF Radio Receivers

Control car park or garage access remotely and in real-time with next-gen radio receivers. 

Our intelligent 4G, wireless technology makes property access easy and hassle-free.  

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Touch-Free Exit Button

To help with the fight against coronavirus IP Door Entry has developed a completely CONTACTLESS method of releasing a controlled door. Instead of physically touching the button, which can spread the virus, simply wave your hand over the sensor to open the door.