Cloning of proximity key fobs is an industry-wide problem

Thwarting an industry scourge

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Thwarting an industry scourge

Protecting buildings from unauthorised cloning of proximity key fobs have been and the ever-demanding problem for the industry. 

With residents copying their fobs at local shops, property management has lost the ability to control who has access to the property. 

That is why IP Door Entry Ltd has developed the latest key fobs incorporating MIFARE encryption technology. 

To assist with property management, IP Door Entry’s new MIFARE key fobs cannot be cloned and then used. If someone attempts to use a cloned fob, it will notify the system and will not grant access. 

BATICONNECT gives property professionals the ability to use the event log to observe the logged time and location data to assist the police in locating the individual responsible.

Put simply, MIFARE returns control of a property to the management company!

Remotely programming is convenient for you and your residents

In the past residents had to wait a long time to receive a new key or a new fob. With some residents complaining about delays in receiving keys, in some cases with the keys taking up to six weeks to be delivered.

With our BATICONNECT CLOUD, this time lag is removed as new key fobs can be obtained straightaway by residents through the cloud and have them delivered to their apartment or local housing office.

Because the remote management system is cloud-based, changes to fobs are almost immediate and can be facilitated from anywhere with internet access.

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Visualization of our cloud-based access control system.

There are thousands of IPGUARD 4G/IP/GSM wireless panels installed across the world. 

From low to high-rise apartment blocks, and council estates to commercial buildings.

Cloud-based management 

Easy to Use

Real-time Remote access



Secure access

Vandal Resistant 

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