How the IPGUARD® can help with the fight against coronavirus

Install the IPGUARD® with ease!

Installing the latest IPGUARD® has never been easier, especially given the current circumstance caused by Coronavirus. The latest IPGUARD® 4G Smart Visitor Door Entry system does not require physical handsets in each flat and therefore no access to flats is required! This is because it connects directly to smart devices, such as tablets and phones via 4G/IP GSM technology.

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BATICONNECT® CLOUD remote management platform for all

Housing professionals can still deliver their services whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines by utilising BATICONNECT CLOUD. This is possible by reducing the number of site visits and face-to-face interactions. They have the ability to remotely grant property access to contractors, service personal on demand. Making changes to resident’s access, changing key fobs, and adding new users has never been simpler. As a result housing professionals can observe the government’s guidelines. Anti-Clone Guarantee means full control for property managers, who can secure their properties without compromising on their safety. IPGUARD & BATICONNECT CLOUD protect property properly!

Touch-free exit button

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Touch-free exit button 

To help combat coronavirus IP Door Entry Ltd has developed a completely CONTACTLESS method of releasing a controlled door. Instead of physically touching the button, which can spread the virus, simply wave your hand over the sensor to open the door.


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