How the IPGUARD® provides a solution when BT disconnects the analogue PSTN network

BT intends to phase out analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines

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This means that all door entry systems which rely on PSTN infrastructure may have no means of communicating once these analogue lines are switched off. This major challenge to the UK’s infrastructure will affect all telephone-based systems across the country. IP Door Entry has worked tirelessly to design and develop the perfect solution to this problem – IPGUARD®. The current situation is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing door entry systems to the newest and latest technology available – an IPGUARD® 4G/GSM Smart Visitor Video Door Entry & Access Control system. 

IPGUARD with BATICONNECT Access Control 

The IPGUARD and our BATICONNECT CLOUD platform revolutionise the door entry and access control industry! 

Combined they allow for next-generation mobile access via our new and improved IPGUARD® mobile app!



Features provided by the app:


Real-time remote management 


HD quality live video and images 


Log of all visitor calls 


Vandal resistance 


Anti-clone guarantee 


and many more!


IPGUARD is more cost-effective than hardwired options 

IPGUARD® will save you money! The bigger and more complex the development, the greater the savings on both installation, usage and ongoing maintenance. No access to flats is required. There is no need for handsets in flats – our free IPGUARD® app is available on iOS and Android.

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