IPGUARD® is a more sustainable door entry and access control solution

Over the recent period, our lives have changed drastically. Many of our lives have been hindered, many have halted to reflect how we can reconsider our day by day lives to be more sustainable and decrease our impression on our planet.

It is an obvious fact that construction and manufacturing are generally perceived as especially inefficient industries. However, now like never before, we are seeing sustainable options and advancements becoming increasingly available. Here at IP Door Entry Ltd, we are proud to be driving the market with innovative door entry and access control solutions.

IP Door Entry is dedicated to its mission of finding innovative, convenient and effective solutions. Removing the need to install time-consuming and expensive handsets in individual flats and apartments just bodes well.

The large material expense of the traditional approach to door entry is vast. The cost of installing a traditional system is on average 10x greater than the IPGUARD system. It does not stop there, the environmental cost is far greater too when using a traditional hardwired approach.


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Visualization of the IPGUARD wireless 4G/GSM system.

Due to the system being wireless and utilizing 4G/GSM innovation, IP Door Entry's smart solutions provide the ability to make sensible and future-proofed choices about what resources are used. On average our 4G/GSM housing solutions save 20 meters of wiring per flat. They also remove the need for a handset and its associated parts in each flat. This saves approximately 200 grams of plastic and 300 grams of electronics for every single flat or apartment. Conclusively, with IP Door Entry’s real-time remote management platform, you can stay in control of your buildings at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, reducing unnecessary site visits.

Want to know more about how you can reduce your building's impact on our planet? Get in touch with IP Door Entry Ltd! 


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