Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a 4G/GSM wireless system?

There are many benefits to a GSM/4G system. One being the removal of the need to wire the system to each individual apartment/flat. Therefore, making the system more environmentally friendly compared to the traditional hardwired approach. Instead, the system communicates with residents’ smart devices or landlines via the GSM network. The IPGUARD is also a lot easier to install and is more cost-effective than traditional hardwired systems. The intuitiveness and ease of use of our real-time remote management platform is another reason to choose IP Door Entry Ltd!

The IPGUARD is a 4G/GSM system. Therefore, unlike the traditional hardwired door entry system, the IPGUARD connects directly to resident's mobile devices or landlines. Removing the need to have handsets in individual apartments. Saving you time, money and hassle whilst also being more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The IPGUARD is also a cloud-based system. Therefore, allowing for real-time remote access and updates, so the system remains fully future-proofed, delivering peace of mind to the end user.

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This technology has been around for a while, but one of its latest applications is that of the door entry and access control industry. The IPGUARD incorporates this technology, in the form of a sim card and uses it to communicate with residents’ smart devices or landlines and the cloud. This allows for the feature of real-time remote access. 

IP Door Entry have a dedicated technical support line, who are happy to answer any questions about our products. Email them at or call us on 08000 156 496.

No. Smartphones allow the use of the app and so the video function. Landlines and other mobile devices are compatible with the system with audio-only calls.

Absolutely, we have multiple solutions that can maximise the 4G network in your area. First request a signal strength test for your area to evaluate the extent of the network strength. After reviewing the results an external 4G router can be installed in accompany with a 12V externally rated aerial which will boosts the IPGUARD's signal strength. Our IPGUARD app can also be used on resident's smart devices via their Wi-Fi. 

All of IP Door Entry Ltd solutions can be remotely managed in real-time via our free & secure cloud platform, no software required! Our solutions can be managed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, all at the touch of a button.

Simply, download our free IPGUARD app on your smart device & complete the phone registration process. You may need to register your phone number with your installation or management company. Using their smart devices, residents can see, talk, and grant access to whoever is at their door from anywhere, all at the touch of a button. Residents without the app can receive audio-only calls via their landline or mobile device. Residents can still hear and speak to visitors and can grant access by pressing 5 or 0. 

No. Residents can see, talk, & grant access to their visitors from anywhere, all at the touch of a button. Perfect, so you don’t miss any more deliveries. 

Yes, you can learn more about our GDPR policy.

Yes. All our products are covered with a 24-month material warranty. 

Please note: All IP Door Entry Ltd equipment is to be housed in secure metal cabinet(s)/protective enclosure(s), as appropriate, and clearly marked. External enclosures / cabinets (all disciplines): If no suitable weatherproof location(s) for system control/distribution equipment are available, site to provide and install externally rated steel lockable enclosures/cabinets (as per dimensions. Never install any system control / power equipment in false ceilings or in underground cavities. Failure to comply will revoke warranty period. 

How to open the door using the IPGUARD?

There are two ways residents can open the door. Please note you must register your phone number with your property manager before you can open the door.

  1. Download the FREE IPGUARD APP.

  2. Telephone call from 020 3389 8694 - This is your front door calling you!: To open the door, press button 5 or 0 on your phones keypad.

Want to learn more? Watch the video tutorial.