Secure Key Storage and Management

Store your properties' keys securely with our robust key management solution. 

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Odoo • Image and Text              

Easy & Convenient 

Store your property's keys easily and conveniently with the IPKEYSAFE.

Remote Management 

Connected to our online cloud platform enabling a real-time overview of a properties keys. 

High Level of Security

Mifare & anti-clone technology, have peace of mind your keys are stored safely.

How does the IPKEYSAFE work?

Use of proximity keyfob.  The IPKEYSAFE can be opened by the use of a proximity keyfob. This keyfob needs to have been pre-programmed using the fobs specific ID number. Need to give someone access to the plant room? Not to worry, management can allow fobs to access the IPKEYSAFE or only allow access during certain time periods. 

Remote access via the cloud.  Management can open the IPKEYSAFE from anywhere, all at the touch of a button. Do you have a contractor going on-site & needs mechanical key access? Not to worry, with the IPKEYSAFE you can give your contractor access to mechanical keys, from anywhere. Simply, call the IPKEYSAFE's specific number from a registered device to allow access.

By use of keypad code .    Open the IPKEYSAFE by using a secure keypad code, configured by management. All keypad codes can be programmed remotely and in real-time 24/7/365.