Our Mission

IP Door Entry Ltd is dedicated to its mission of providing innovative, convenient & effective door entry & access control solutions.

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We utilised:



Adapting superior technology to suit modern-day needs.

Knowledge & Experience 

Over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the door entry and access control industry.

Superior Technology 

Utilising the GSM network & the latest smart devices, providing a fully future-proofed system.


Security made smarter

Simple & Convenient

Programming without software via the cloud, with real-time updates from anywhere! Installation is simple & cost-effective.


Our systems incorporate the latest encryption technology and are packed with an extra layer of security against unauthorized cloning of proximity key fobs.

User friendly

See, talk & grant access to your visitors, from anywhere,  all from the palm of your hand!

Utilising superior technology, innovation   & expertise  to provide the most effective, convenient, and secure door entry and access control systems, that is user friendly for all!

We are not like other property access solution providers.  We believe in always doing the right thing for you, our customer. That is why at IP Door Entry Ltd we have a keen focus on innovation. We continuously learn from our customers and then put that learning into practice to provide the best possible experience for our users. Whether the end-user, housing association, electrical contractors, or property managers, IP Door Entry has you close to mind! Another focus for IP Door Entry Ltd is partnerships and how we can strengthen them to create the greatest amount of benefit for our customers.

Our innovative approach  and attention to detail have enabled us to provide solutions that not only deliver on our promise of flexibility and reliability but also challenge the market and continuously raise the standard of access control, door entry and security.